Vidya Pratishthan’s

English Medium School,Bilt-Bhigwan.

House System

The school follows the house system in which the students of Class I  to VIII  are allotted a house. Each house is mastered by a Mentor House Master and student House Captain & Vice Captain.

The  Three different houses are Apollo,  Bhasakara, Rohini, The names are assigned to the houses along with a tag line

1. Apollo : Grasp the Nettle.
2. Bhaskara : Shine in Limelight.
3. Rohini : Grow like Reed.

These are the names of early satellites .launched by India that influences a wider scope. Of technical development with the upcoming gradation  in the field of science and technology, symbolizing global development to reach the heights with true spirit.

The Houses conduct InterHouse academic and cultural activities (groupwise)  all through the year to develop overall life skills as well as the values .